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Providing you with Dust Free flooring removal services while keeping the environment healthy.

Flooring Installation Phoenix, AZ


Floor Removal

While removing floors is not an easy task for anyone, Flooring Professionals can alleviate the burden of having to do it yourself. Removing any type of flooring can create a significant amount of dust; however, we employ advanced dust containment techniques to ensure everything is as Dust Free as possible, significantly improving the breathing environment in your home. Our extensive experience guarantees peace of mind, knowing that your home and belongings will be protected from excessive silica dust during and after the removal process. We commit in writing that your home will be as clean, if not cleaner, once we've completed our work!


Commercial Flooring Removal

Your business may have carpet, laminate, or tile. Regardless of the material you have, Flooring Professionals has a Dust Free system that will remove all of your flooring in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We have removed the flooring from commercial buildings of multiple levels. Our knowledge in the industry has put us on the map for being one of the top rated flooring removal companies because of our Dust Free technology and equipment.


Residential Flooring Removal

You may have recently purchased a home with flooring that is unappealing to you. Flooring Professionals can provide you the service you need by removing that flooring in a timely fashion by using our state of the art Dust Free equipment. This process allows you to remain in your home while we are removing the flooring as our equipment suctions up any dust or debris that is created while removing your flooring.


Concrete Grinding

Dust Free precision concrete grinding is one of our many specialties. Making sure that your floor is flat and level requires precision, skill, and the proper equipment. The first step in flattening a floor is to remove the major high spots. If the surface of your existing concrete is not flat within the flooring manufacturer's specifications new flooring cannot be properly installed, and can void your warranty. When the existing concrete subfloor has been properly prepared, your new flooring will last for many years to come. Because most foundations are concrete, concrete grinding is the best process for making sure your sub floors are prepared correctly.

Concrete grinding can be done either in a wet format or a dry format. Wet concrete grinding is best suited for outdoors as it can create a muddy mess and also contaminate the surface of the newly ground concrete creating adhesion issues. All interior concrete grinding is best suited using the dry method, thus eliminating particles from floating around your home and even into your lungs. Flooring Professionals values your health and your home.


Concrete Leveling

Not every imperfection can be removed with just concrete grinding, often times a combination of grinding and leveling will be needed to rectify the variances in a subfloor. When installing any type of flooring it is important for the sub floor to be flat within specifications set by the flooring manufacturer to achieve an aesthetic look and also to comply with any type of warranty issue that could arise. Many concrete surfaces have a great deal of variation, cracks, hazardous areas that might cause someone to fall, and different elevations of adjoining concrete. When a foundation is poured, unfortunately at times the quality of work is not at its best. Flooring Professionals can provide you with a Dust Free concrete leveling system to alleviate these problems and prepare the floor for the proper installation of materials.

Concrete leveling is a Dust Free procedure we use to perfect an irregular concrete surface. Concrete leveling is a less expensive alternative to replacing your concrete, and can be completed without disturbing any of your interior walls or finishes.. Uneven concrete is influenced by many factors; expansive soil, tree roots, improper drainage, and in some places settling of your foundation.


Wood Flooring Installation

Flooring Professionals can provide you with all of your hardwood flooring installation needs. The sub flooring needs to be in pristine condition in order for your hardwood flooring to adhere to the surface and look its best. That’s why we pay close attention to all details of your flooring project. We offer hardwood flooring installation for both residential customers and commercial properties. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of wood finishes and wood types. We will consult with you as to the options you have. Installing hardwood flooring enhances the beauty of your home or business overall.


Floors Removed
Wood Floor Installs


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Carpet Removal

Removing carpet can be a dirty job. Carpet should be replaced every five to ten years, especially in areas of high traffic. When removing carpet you must take care as there are nails from the tack strip sticking up. These nails should be removed with caution. If you are converting from carpet to hardwood flooring, not only does the carpet need removed, but so does the padding, and the carpet strips. The sub floor would need to be resurfaced in order for your new flooring to be installed. Not sure how to remove carpet, hire Flooring Professionals to do this task for you.


Tile Removal

Flooring Professionals is dedicated to making your life easier by providing you with Dust Free tile removal services. Not only do we provide a Dust Free service, but we are affordable. Tile removal is challenging, but with our technology and experience we can get the job done in a timely fashion. After we have removed the tile, we will include you in the final inspection to make sure you are satisfied with what we have done.


Stone Removal

Stone flooring removal is one of our specialties. We use a Dust Free system that removes the debris immediately from the stone floor as it is being removed. Dust that is often created by removing a stone floor is instantly suctioned into our equipment, thus leaving you without airborne pathogens that could possibly get into your lungs. This process is much quicker than the traditional process of removing stone flooring. Allow us to make your stone flooring process a success.


Coating Removal

Flooring Professionals is equipped to provide a dust-free solution for removing any types of coatings or contamination from your concrete and wood subfloors. Ensuring these coatings are fully removed is crucial before installing your new flooring, as residual materials can prevent proper adhesion to the subfloor. Our advanced techniques and high-powered vacuums make it possible to efficiently remove paint, waxes, sealers, epoxies, and micro-toppings, preparing your subfloor for a flawless new floor installation. Trust us to create the perfect foundation for your new flooring, ensuring longevity and durability.


Adhesive Removal

When it comes to removing old carpet or tile, dealing with the leftover adhesive is a critical step. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we offer a dust-free adhesive removal process that not only efficiently clears away the adhesive but also ensures your home environment remains clean throughout the procedure. This advanced approach doesn't just remove the adhesive; it also smoothens your surface, creating the ideal condition for new flooring to adhere more effectively. Trust in our expertise to prepare your floors for a seamless new installation, contributing to the overall longevity and aesthetics of your flooring project.


Epoxy Removal

Epoxy removal shares similarities with adhesive removal, though the compounds in epoxy products differ. Our approach to this challenge leverages state-of-the-art, dust-free technology to efficiently eliminate epoxy, ensuring a quick and effective process. This method not only smoothens your surface, preparing it perfectly for new flooring, but also significantly reduces airborne particles and residual debris in your home. At Flooring Professionals, our team prioritizes your health and the cleanliness of your environment, employing advanced techniques to maintain the air quality and surface cleanliness throughout the removal process. Trust us to handle your epoxy removal needs with the utmost care and expertise.


Micro - Topping Removal

Each project we undertake is distinct, tailored to meet its specific requirements. Micro-topping, a thin overlay applied to concrete surfaces both indoors and outdoors, presents a unique challenge due to its propensity to generate considerable dust during removal. This dust isn't just a nuisance; it poses a significant health hazard. Flooring Professionals addresses this challenge head-on with our dust-free technology, effectively eliminating dust emissions as we remove the micro-topping. Opting for a contractor who can assure a dust-free environment during the removal process is crucial for the safety and cleanliness of your space. We are committed to providing that service, ensuring a clean, healthy, and safe environment for every project.


Thinset Removal

Thinset is a crucial component in flooring installations, serving as an adhesive mortar that secures tile to cement foundations. When it comes time to update or replace tile, removing the underlying thinset is essential to ensure the cement surface is level and smooth for new flooring. Flooring Professionals offers a dust-free solution for this task, utilizing our advanced technology. Our system is specifically designed to prevent dust from settling on surfaces within your home, making the removal process cleaner, healthier, and more efficient than traditional methods. By choosing our services, you're opting for a hassle-free experience that saves time while maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your living space.


Removing Flagstone

Flagstone is a common choice for outdoor patios, sidewalks, and landscape because of its durability. Should you choose to change the look of your exterior walkways it is best to have a professional remove the flagstone for you. Flooring Professionals offer a Dust Free technique that will prevent silica dust from entering your lungs.

Flooring Services


Providing the Phoenix Metropolitan area with Dust Free flooring removal services.